3GS Supreme iPhone made of solid gold and diamonds

A solid-gold iPhone is a luxurious accessory. We have to say that we prefer our diamonds on our jewelry, but ladies who love their iPhone can opt for the 3GS Supreme, if they’re willing to make the upgrade. The item will run you about $3 million.

The phone is created by Stuart Hughes, and boasts some pretty luxurious bells and whistles. For example, the casing is made from solid 22-carat gold, and the front bezel is beset with 136 diamonds, which combine to be 68 carats.

The rear apple logo has 53 diamonds, and the front navigation button is outfitted with one single 7-carat diamond.

This phone makes Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring seem like a (very) small token of affection, though we can’t imagine who would buy it. It’s bad enough to lose a regular cell phone!

Plus, women would have to accessorize accordingly. It wouldn’t do to wear a silver bangle bracelet if you were chatting away on a yellow-gold phone!

What do you think, is this the ultimate luxury or just a waste of diamonds?

One thought on “3GS Supreme iPhone made of solid gold and diamonds

  1. Do I buy a new luxury iPhone? March 2, 2010 / 3:10 pm

    Thanks for this. I've wanted to get my iPhone blinged out for a while but have found it a bit too expensive. I should just save up and buy a ready made one. The gold and diamond iPhones are amazing!


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