Accessorize like a star

Carrie Underwood always strikes the perfect balance on the red carpet.In the midst of award season, it’s difficult not to become a little bit jealous of all of the fabulous diamond jewelry that the stars get to borrow. However, if you’ve got ice fever, there are a few easy ways to steal some star style for your next shindig or big night out.

Balance is an important part of achieving a glamourous look, so make sure that you are discerning when picking out your pieces. If you have a gorgeous statement necklace, then keep your earrings and bracelets simple, but feel free to don a cocktail ring in a similar style.

If your earrings are truly attention-grabbing, it might be a good idea to skip a necklace all together. Pair large pendant earrings or glittering hoop earrings with a similar sparkling bracelet to keep your look proportionate and in balance.

Though platinum and silver have been the favorites of the red carpet set in recent years, gold jewelry has been a big trend this season. Pair a simple gold locket with gold bangle bracelets or hoop earrings for a classic but timely look.

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