We love long necklaces (and so do celebs)

A long pearl necklace is the perfect way to accessorize a basic outfit. The stars know how to jazz up a plain top – with a long, flashy necklace. Lovely ladies of all ages, including Brooke Shields and Freida Pinto have been spotted out and about pairing their casual shirts with long beaded necklaces for an effortlessly chic look.

Shields, for example, was spotted at a recent event in a black skirt and plain white tank wearing about six or seven long pearl necklaces with beads the size of golf balls. And we think she rocked it.

If you frequently run from work to happy hours or cocktail parties, a long statement necklace is like an emergency little black dress that you never have to iron.

To dress your look up in a flash, just keep your outfit sleek and simple and have a fun, and keep a long statement necklace stashed in your bag.

Throw on the necklace and add some heels if possible, and you’re ready for a big night out on the town in no time.

We think that the long pearl necklaces and flashy silver chains work best for evening wear, but really anything will work, from chunky coral pieces to gold beads.

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