Miu Miu’s Lurex stage bag boasts a detachable necklace

Many handbags feature jewelry embellishments. There are few things that women as a collective demographic love more than purses and jewelry. So what happens when you combine them?
Something great, obviously.

We’re thinking that women everywhere might snap and begin rioting in the streets until they can get their hands on one of these coveted couture clutches, or (and this is the one we’re pulling for) the fashion industry might latch onto this trend and start including jewelry on most handbags.

Imagine how much easier it would be to justify an expensive purchase if it came with fabulous accessories included, like a silver chain necklace or a unique brooch.

Plus, you’d never need to remember to bring accessories with you when you’re out and about – you could just pull one off of your bag.

If you already have a million handbags, but love the luxe look of bejeweled purses, why not add a sparkling pin to your favorite evening bag, or wrap a chain necklace around the strap of your favorite purse?

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