Chrissie Morris designs shoes with detachable jewelry

Shoes with detachable accessories might soon become popular.We love cuff bracelets. Love them. So when we heard that shoe designer Chrissie Morris had combined cuff bracelets with shoes, we just about fell off of our subway seats. (The Metro recently featured an article on her unique designs.)

Of course, we had to investigate. Happily, the news was very true, and fashionistas everywhere can now kill two birds with one stone and buy a pair of shoes that also feature a detachable bracelet. If this doesn’t justify another pair of shoes, we don’t know what will.

The British designer’s brown leather stilettos feature a thick ankle strap that can be removed and worn as a leather cuff.

All of the shoes in the collection are very art deco, and would look adorable paired with some vintage-inspired earrings or necklaces (whether they come with the fancy footwear or not).

We’re hoping that this trend takes off and more designers hop on board. What about sweaters with detachable necklaces?

However, if you don’t feel like trying to find space for another pair of shoes in your already jam-packed closet, why not just pick up a cool, architectural-style bracelet for yourself and call it a day?

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