“Sex and the City” charms available for fans

Most women like "Sex and the City," but some ladies really, really like it. If you fall into the latter category, you can wear your SATC pride on your sleeve with a new line of charms.

CocoPerez.com reports that baubles shaped like a stiletto heel, a diamond and an Eiffel tower can help fans commemorate landmark events in the show, and are available in either silver or gold.

Now, we love Carrie and co. as much as the next girl, but documenting milestones in someone else’s (fictional) life seems a little, well, sad. Don’t you think? However, we are 100 percent behind charm bracelets.

The cute and quaint accessory adds a unique and highly personal touch to any outfit. They also boast that vintage style that you know we love.

Though we recommend you get one for yourself, a blank charm bracelet also makes the perfect gift for that friend who loves to collect things.

They’ll get a thrill from adding on to their bangle, and you’ll always know what to get them next: another charm.

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