Turn over a new leaf with simple New Year’s jewelry

Simple pendant necklaces are chic and subtle. New Year’s Eve is the start of the new year, but it also heralds the end of the holiday season. If you have any overly-flashy baubles or sparkling accessories, wear them now or forever hold your piece. (Until next year, at least.)

While you’re reveling in the New Year’s festivities, take a moment to appreciate the holiday that allows you to wear giant cocktail rings, huge glittering earrings and as much silver and gold as your frame can support, without being judged. In fact, an abundance of accessories will probably garner you some compliments on this glorious holiday.

However, after the confetti has been thrown and you’ve had your last sip of champagne, it’s time to tone it down. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, a few subtle accessories are like a breath of fresh air come January 2nd.

In particular, we love a single colored pearl on a slim silver chain, or a very tiny gold locket paired with post earrings. There’s something very sweet and demure about a simple look, and you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Of course, if you were given an amazing diamond ring or a long strand of pearls this Christmas, throw our advice out the window and make your glitzy gift your new signature piece.

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