Blogging the Bling

Our own Pinny Gniwisch was interviewed recently for an article about marketing through blogging that’s now availble on The Chief Marketer.

“I noticed that some people in our company always want to express themselves,” says Pinny Gniwisch, Ice’s executive vice president of marketing.  “And I decided to put that to use for us in a controlled way with blogging.”

Last March, Gniwisch and staffers launched their first trio of blogs. One,, offers advice on choosing and caring for diamonds, precious stones and gold. relays some of the substantial press coverage that Ice receives and tells “some of the stories about people here at work that don’t fit into our Web site,” he says. And the third,, takes the almost-genius approach of posting articles and celebrity gossip about the jewelry seen at Hollywood hot spots. That’s virtually a guarantee that the thousands who search daily for famous names like “Drew Barrymore” and  “Angelina Jolie” will find’s blog popping up in their organic search results.

Read the whole article here.

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