ShinyStyle gives us a nice lesson in being ourselves with the latest episode of “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.”

One of the participants, Veronica, had a lesson in making her own style, not copying that of others. Her husband then presented her with a stunning platinum diamond ring from, telling her, through tears, so always be herself. It was hard for anyone watching not to well up as well!

One thought on “ShinyStyle

  1. Kay October 10, 2007 / 4:40 am

    I watched that show tonight! The irony is that I hardly ever watch anything but political news and a few movies but I needed cheering up tonight so when I surfed to that show I decided maybe it would lighten me up. And, the scene where he gives her the ring……made me cry! And, before that when it hit him that the ring was a gift was so overwhelming for him…………..I had pre-tears to the tears for when she got it.
    So, because of that show I decided this was the online fantasy shop for me. I’m already looking forward to blogging about it on my website. You know, even political activists need good jewelry! Actually I would like to find an inexpensive -this liberal is poor- donkey charm with maybe a tiny blue diamond.
    well, great to see your kindness on TV tonight!,
    Kay Collins-Schulz


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