Blogs with Bling

We’ve got em!

All three of our blogs were highlighted as examples of corporate blogs with bling in a recent article by

For e-tailer, having a blog (in this case, two blogs) just made good marketing sense. In 2006, the company’s owners were dissatisfied with the advertising options available to them and saw a blog as having the potential to be a better return on investment.

Before launching its official Ice Blog, however, Vice President of Marketing Pinny Gniwisch became actively involved on a number of third-party blogs having to do with jewelry and fashion, so people would recognize him as an authority on those subjects when launched its own blog.

“When you’re talking about, say, jewelry, [though he says the subject could be anything] you need to go out and search the popular jewelry blogs and you need to comment on those blogs,” he said. “If you don’t get involved, people won’t recognize you and your blog won’t get picked up. I got involved in the community, and people started to recognize me as someone who cared about the world of jewelry and fashion. Then, when we put up our blog, they took our links and trackbacks, all the things search engines love, and that helped fuel our growth.”

Another thing that fueled the popularity of’s official blog was Gniwisch’s “aha” moment of linking it to the jewelry celebrities were wearing to awards shows and big events.

Continue reading about’s blogs here.

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