Ice blogs in the Washington Times

The Washington Times recently carried a story on how blogs are the hottest new retail space, and, one of the forerunners in the emerging field, got a nice mention.

The most desirable up-and-coming retail space isn’t necessarily in the mall. It’s in your list of favorite Web sites, right between your best friends’ blogs.
A growing number of retailers have started blogs, or Web logs, this year, hoping that an account of the company’s newest ideas, explanations of big decisions and stories of employees’ lives will show the human side of their shops and create some buzz.
“For any company, blogs are the most efficient way to get people talking about your Web site,” said Andrew Sernovitz, chief executive officer of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, a Chicago trade group.
While blogs have been around for years, it wasn’t until this year that retailers really got interested. This Christmas season, about 42 percent of retailers are using blogs or RSS feeds — a feed of constantly updated information sent to blogs, podcasts or Web sites — according to a recent study by Shopzilla and, the online division of the National Retail Federation.

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