New on Sparkle Like the Stars

sparkle4.jpgParis Hilton, busted in bling, and both Rahulio and Icegrrl are there to comment on it. Sienna Miller brings back sexy and “the first lady of crunk & B” Ciara sparkles at the Video Music Awards. Learn about Brad Pitt‘s wedding blues and Liza Minelli’s Mishegas.

The O.C.’s Mischa Barton gets the Bling Finger post of the week, and Madonna is still a fashion icon. See some New Mommy Jewelry Rahulio prescribes for Britnay Spears and a necklace thet might cheer Whitney Houstin up from her divorce.

Nicole Ritchie has some nice dangly earrings, but Paris needs some wardrobe assistance. Read all the latest news on Scarlett Johansson. Jennifer Aniston looks stunning, and TV star Emmanuelle Vaugier is a classic beauty with Classic earrings.

See up and coming star Jacinda Barrett’s jewelry style and Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria‘s sexy look.

Hear about still-gorgeous looking Jane Fonda‘s tongue lashing to Lindsay Lohan and see Nelly Furtado’s bling finger.

Kate Winslet‘s style is covered both casual and fancy, as well as Lindsay Lohan‘s. Reese Witherspoon tames Toronto in some fabulous earrings, while Miriah Carey would be smart taking a lesson from her. See Penelope Cruz showing that gold hoops are a girl’s best friend, and Kiera Knightly bringing old school glamor back to Hollywood.

Keep reading, and discover how you too can Sparkle Like the Stars.

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