Pearls Gone Wild!

wedding3.jpgSome of our fabulous pearl earrings were featured recently in a spread entitled “Pearls Gone Wild” in WeddingChannel Magazine.

Pearls make the perfect jewelry for a wedding, with their classic understated glamor perfectly accenting the white of the bride’s dress.

However, don’t think for a moment that the perfect elegance of pearl earrings ends there. Pearl studs can dress up a pair of dark blue jeans or add a special touch to your office wear. Longer pearl earrings can add magic to an evening outfit, perfectly picking up on a fair skin tone and highlighting the delicate curve of the neck.

pearl earrings These 1/5 Carat Diamond and Freshwater Cultured Button Pearl 14K White Gold Earrings featured in the magazine would make a a stunning addition to a formal outfit.

earringsIf something for more casual daily wear is what you’re after, try these 14K White Gold 1/10 Carat Diamond Earrings with 7-7.5mm Cultured Pearls
Whatever you choose, pearls are always a welcome addition to any jewelry collection.

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