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Online Sales Get Boost When Buyers Return To Work is ready for the rush of holiday shopping.

Retailers aren’t taking any chances–they’re offering online discounts and promotions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday., an online jewelry retailer, is offering free shipping and a gift-with-purchase promotion to shoppers who buy on those two days. “The results are unbelievable,” says Pinny Gniwisch, founder and executive VP of marketing. The site expects 400,000 to 600,000 visitors on Cyber Monday, double the usual traffic.

But with millions of consumers accessing Web sites to make purchases, retailers need to avoid glitches that could slow responsiveness or even crash sites. Ice has prepared for the large traffic volume it’s expecting by installing three backup servers in its offices in Boston and two servers in Montreal over the past three weeks. “We’re prepared for five times the amount of traffic we’re getting,” Gniwisch says.

Ice also hired 10 customer-service representatives and has 4,000 packages of the most popular items ready to ship.

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