in the New York Times in the new york times
As gas prices are on the rise, many feel that online purchasing will sore. is ready, as Bob Tedschi of The New York Times reports:

THERE’S nothing like an energy squeeze to buoy the spirits of Internet merchants.

Online shopping sites, already on a roll, are getting help from the high price of gasoline, which is prompting untold numbers of consumers to boot up their PC’s instead of driving their S.U.V.’s to the mall.

And while oil prices have fallen from their summer peak, prices at the pump remain at more than $3 a gallon in much of the country, with tight supplies likely to keep them high through the holiday season.

“There’s going to be a lot of talk about Christmas shopping being hammered because of higher fuel prices, but we’re saying, ‘On the contrary,’ ” said Shmuel Gniwisch, chief executive of the online jewelry store “Our sales will increase.”

Mr. Gniwisch said he expected sales on his site this holiday season to jump by more than 40 percent over 2004, partly because has extended free shipping to all purchases instead of just orders exceeding $150. The new policy, he said, is aimed at snaring “the fence-sitters: people who’ve been coming to the site and looking around without buying, and there are a lot of them out there.”

Read the full article HERE

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