Seeing Green – Emeralds

Dear Leslie,
I just read somewhere that emeralds should never be worn in heat. What does this mean?
Page in Albany

Emeralds are very delicate, and have to be worn with care. This means they should never be exposed to extreme temperatures, either cold or heat. If you are going to be spending the day in the desert or at a pool in direct sunlight, I would leave the emeralds home. Same goes for swimming in a cold ocean or pool or sitting in a hot jacuzzi. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the emerald to crack or shatter.

RingWhile all gemstones are sensitive to temperature extremes (and extreme changes in temperature) emeralds are especially sensitive to heat (as are opals and amethysts), which may cause the emerald’s color to fade or cause the gem to crack or become brittle. This does not mean you can’t wear your stone in the summer, but it does mean not to wear it during long exposures to direct sunlight, while baking with a hot oven or while washing with hot water. But then again, you shouldn’t wear emeralds while cleaning in any case, as they can be harmed by any soap containing alcohol.

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