Birthday Gift For a Friend

Dear Leslie,
One of my best friend’s birthdays is June 13th. I had to work that night and would like to get her a special gift to make up for it. Suggestions please!
Simone in Syracuse

Pearl BraceletWell Simone, June birthdays are relatively easy because you have a variety of stones to choose from. You can go with pearl, the traditional June birthstone, or opal and moonstone, the new-age variety. Bracelets are also a good choice for those whose birthday falls within the sgn of Gemini. My personal recommendation would be this beautiful, and affordable, freshwater cultured pearl and silver bracelet, though this cultured pearl three bracelet set is lovely as well (and even more affordable- only $30!).

Although bracelets are the piece of jewelry most preferred by Gemini, I happen to think opals look best in necklaces, and would recommend this sweet opal and pink tourmaline pendant if opal is the gemstone you choose to go with.

If none of those gems seems right for your friend, you may want to check out’s great new summer collections. You are sure to find the perfect gift amongst these innovative, personalized collections.

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