June Birthstone – Pearl

pearl earringsJune babies are lucky enough to have not one, but two birthstones to choose from, Alexandrite and Pearl.

Alexandrite, a gem which varies in color from red to green, was first discovered in the Ural Mountains and is named for the former czar of Russia, Alexander II, as it was supposedly discovered on the day of his birth. Although this gem has a noble history, it was the national stone of tsarist Russia, it is not as popular as the better known June birthstone, Pearl.

kinetic pearl necklacePearl possesses an iridescent quality and has been long regarded as the symbol of nobility. Pearls represent beauty, modesty and purity.

Depending on what ocean they were taken from, pearls can vary in color from white to green to the elusive and hauntingly beautiful black pearl. Pearl

Some people even stretch the June birthstone further to include moonstone, another iridescent gem. Moonstones have silvery white sheens and look like the face of the moon. Moonstones are the gift for lovers. Symbolising passion, this stone was believed to bestow the power of clairvoyancy on its wearers.

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