A Special Graduation Gift

Dear to the Leslie,
The Rahulio, he is needs your help. You see, there is a very special girl who is doing the High School graduation (Hoorray!). The Monolo and all his internet friends are present to her $65 gift certificate to Ice.com (you can to read about it here) to making her look so so fantastico. I know you are thinking “Rahulio, how can the girl find something pretty for only $65?” To that the Rahulio answers “no!” For I know the Leslie, and the Leslie she is very good at finding the deals. So please, find the girl pretty things and it will make her, and the Rahulio and the Monolo and all his other internet friends so happy.

Thanks for thinking of me Rahulio. Sixty five dollars? That’s more than enough for a great gift. She’ll be heading into university, and doesn’t need big, ostentatious pieces, she needs something fun that she’ll feel great in. Here’s some things I found:

Toggle heart braceletIf she doesn’t own one already, toggle bracelets continue to be one of this years hottest accessories. This one has the adorable detail of actually being a locket with a second heart hidden inside.

Heart PendantThere is also this cute and trendy silver heart pendant.

yellow ringWearing this canary yellow enamel ring, will brighten up even the most sressful exam day while leaving enough leftover to also get something like this double heart pendant.

drop pearl necklaceOr, for fun nights out she might look at this fantastically dramatic pearl drop necklace. Wear that with a V neck top, and the college boys won’t know what hit ’em.

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