Spring Jewelry

Dear Leslie,
Now that spring has finally arrived, I would like to lighten up my wardrobe. I have seen all these lovely pastel outfits at local retailers and want to know if you would be able to recommend jewelry to match – I’m thinking something delicate and colorful that would go with the new lightweight suits I am buying for work.
Cheryl in Milburn

There are plenty of lightweight, colorful necklaces out there which are a perfect match for pastel suits. In addition, the fact that they are “light” make them ideal to wear in an office environment. Although most of these necklaces stand on their own, a good pair of earrings can add dramatically to the overall look. I recently came across a stunning pair of pear shaped blue earrings that would look perfect on those days when you just have to wear your hair up. Gem Earrings

Necklaces are more tricky; if they are too heavy, or if they hug your neck too tightly, they may become burdensome in the heat. If done right, however, a necklace can make your outfit, be it a work-suit, a dinner party dress or a casual sundress.

I especially love this charming multi-gemstone drop necklace , which will fall lightly around your neck and won’t feel burdensome even on the hottest days of summer.

RingPendants are also a good choice, such as this breathtaking rose quartz diamond-shaped necklace. This particular necklace happens to come with an equally adorable matching ring.

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