May Birthstone – Emerald

Considered to be the talisman of the goddess Venus, emerald – the May birthstone – has long been considered a “medicinal” stone, the mere sight of which is able to soothe strained and tired eyes, prevent epileptic attacks, stop bleeding and soothe fears and irritations. It was also believed that one could cure a fever by laying an emerald on the patient’s forehead. Emeralds are also supposed to be good for all kinds of digestive problems, immune system deficiencies, and for improving meditation and psychic abilities.

emeraldLong a favorite of royalty, emeralds have been worn by famous kings and queens for centuries and are said to have been both Cleopatra and the last King of the Inca’s gemstone of choice.

A green version of the mineral Beryl, emerald’s wonderful color, which can vary from light to deep green, is unparalleled in the gem kingdom. Emerald’s precious green color is caused by small amounts of chromium and enhanced by traces of iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds often contain incisions and other flaws. With emeralds, these flaws are not looked on as negative, as they would be with other gemstones, such as diamonds. Indeed, these flaws are considered part of the character of the stone and are used to assure the purchaser that their emerald is real.

A gift of emerald signifies faith, and a belief in the recipient’s goodness and kindness.

May Birthstone JewelryThere are many breathtakingly gorgeous emerald pieces to look at, all in affordable prices. My personal favorites are this dazzling pendant, sure to dress up and evening dress, and this dazzling bracelet, which enhances the emerald’s beauty by pairing it with other stones.

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