Jewelry Gift for a Man

Dear Leslie,
I just got engaged. My fiancee got me a gorgeous blue diamond ring and I would like to get him something in return to show my appreciation. Any suggestions?
Simone in Jerusalem

When choosing jewelry for a man, watches or cuff-links are your best bet. Most necklaces are too casual and he’ll be getting a ring soon enough, at the wedding.

Depending on your fiance’s style, you might want to try conservative yet elegant cuff-links in sterling silver and black granite. If he is a flashy dresser, you may want to try a more daring pair in red enamel.

If your fiancee prefers watches to cuff-links, as many men do, you have a wide variety to choose from, with the range running from sporty to elegant to a mix of the two. Almost all of the watches featured on are stainless steel and water resistant, making them quite durable. These watches don’t just look good, like diamonds, they wear well, making them a perfect engagement gift for a man.

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