March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine Ring
People believed for centuries that the energy of the sea water was captured in the delicate blue of Aquamarine. It’s certainly not hard to see why. The ancient Romans believed the gem had fallen from the jewel boxes of sirens and washed onto shore.

As a member of the Beryl family, Aquamarine is a very tough gemstone, and an excellent choice for Jewelry that is frequently worn and needs to be durable. They are thought to give the wearers knowledge, foresight and assist in an individual’s inspiration.  These are also characteristics ascribed to the March birthstone.

A gift of Aquamarine symbolizes safety and security, particularly within long standing relationships. Some even say that the Aquamarine can reawaken love in a tired marriage, so if you want to bring back that spark in your partner’s eyes, you might consider this gem as an anniversary gift!

Aquamarine PendantThere’s many stunning pieces to look at, all of them affordable. Like a show-stopping aquamarine and damond ring which matches up perfectly with a pendant necklace. The eye-catching rectangular cut of the gemstone and dramatic setting draw attention to the natural, graceful beauty of Aquamarine.

PendantThere is also this more subtle, oval shaped pendant,  a gorgeous signature piece to be worn every day.

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