Would you return jewelry to an ex?

January 14, 2010 | Post by

Will you still wear jewelry from an old boyfriend?After a break-up, deciding whether or not to give back the fancy baubles you might have received over the course of several months or years is often a difficult decision.

Sometime, if the items were expensive, it seems wrong to hold onto them. Besides, what good is a diamond bracelet if it forces you to think of an ex-boyfriend every time its glitter catches your eye?

On the other hand, sometimes it’s the inexpensive accessories like a beaded necklace or enamel ring that hold the most sentimental value. What’s a girl to do with them?

Well, you can probably guess our advice: we say keep them!

However, we understand that wearing the jewelry that was a gift from an old flame can be a tricky thing. Heaven forbid that you run into an ex actually wearing a token of their old affection!

The short-film "The Letter" actually tackles this very subject. Actress Thandie Newton appears in the movie, and the story incorporates the jewelry of edgy designer Solange Azagury-Partridge.

We recommend that any girl who has spent time contemplating the pros and cons of ex-accessories try and see it.

Tell us your thoughts. Do you still wear jewelry from old boyfriends?

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3 Responses

  1. primaryworkathome says:

    Personally I will return it. :)

  2. No way! I do not wear any jewelry from old boyfriends. I have actually sold my jewelry from my ex on http://www.ex-cessories.com. The concept is hilarious but works!

  3. meganmullin says:

    It depends. I still wear a necklace and a bracelet an old boyfriend gave me when we were dating in college. But we're friends now, so it doesn't seem strange. That chump who cheated on me with my friend, however? You can bet I tossed the locket he gave me!

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