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June 8, 2012 | Post by

It’s been a few months since our Pinterest obsession began and we haven’t slowed down on the pinning yet. We’re still addicted to this site and it seems the rest of you are right there with us. Many of you have been pinning lots of Ice jewelry and sharing it with your community. We love that! Keep the pins coming. I wanted to share the top pins from our awesome Pinterest followers. Here are the Top 5:


1. This vintage-inspired rose gold ring has been leaving Pinterest users drooling over it. The contrast of the white diamonds set in rose gold makes such a feminine look. I think it’s a great alternative to traditional wedding bands.

2. Black diamond and morganite! This is by far one of our customer’s favorite rings…and mine. It’s pretty yet edgy and works well with so many different outfits.

3. Pretty in pink diamond studs! Everyone loves diamond studs but lots of Pinterest users jumped at the sight of an enhanced version of these pink beauties.

4. How cool is this belt buckle ring? I love the cute design and judging by all the pins it got on Pinterest I’m not the only one that’s loving this black diamond ring.

5. Simple and sweet pink gold pendant with a delicate diamond bird resting on a circular design. We adore this pendant.

Also as a bonus, here’s one of our favorite pins: Keep Calm and Shine One pin.

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