Statement bracelets are trendy, eye-catching and beautiful

June 23, 2010 | Post by

Statement bracelets are bold, trendy jewelry pieces.Everyone knows that statement necklaces are powerful jewelry items, but what about a statement bracelet? These bold, heavy pieces can be quickly thrown on before you head out, and they’ll lend your entire outfit a more thought-out and pulled-together look.

Statement bracelets should have some visual heft. Often these items are more than just large and thick – they are heavy, striking and absolutely noticeable (and gorgeous, too!).

Also, some gals don’t like the feeling of a heavy statement necklace against their skin and collarbone. Statement bracelets may be easier to handle.

In the warmer months, a noteworthy piece such as a statement bracelet may be the best way to accessorize. Women should put in on before heading to a summer party or a formal and watch all heads turn in their direction.


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  1. Air-max-shop says:

    It's very good.Like it.I'll be to follow your blog.

  2. Iceinmyheart2 says:

    Im wearing this as Im typing and love it! I bought one for myself and 2 others to give as gifts.

  3. Glass Of Venice says:

    I bought one for myself and 2 others to give as gifts.

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