Salute to Military Fashion

October 11, 2010 | Post by

military fashionAutumn’s hottest trend is undoubtedly military style. Years ago, a man in uniform would set ladies hearts aflutter. This season, women have taken charge to make this look their own. In the last of Ms. Fabulous fashion series for’s Fall Style Guide; we pay tribute to these soldiers of style.

The military fashion look can encompass many elements. This might be why the trend is popular across all budgets. In casual clothing, collared jackets and brass buttons dominate street fashion. Navy insignia and air force motifs make their way onto messenger bags and designer purses. On high-fashion runways, designers like Burberry Prorsum showed luxurious aviator jackets and upscale camouflage prints.

military fashion emerald earrings

How do you incorporate jewelry into the military mix? First, I chose earrings that blended well with camouflage colors.’s 7-carat emerald and warm gold drop earrings dressed up a worn leather jacket. They gave an elegant touch to a masculine look. What started as a bracelet with an industrial look is given a glam touch with black diamonds worked into the links. This black diamond and silver bracelet has a versatile chic that works when you’re sitting in for peace or ready to kick some ass. Men, if you feel the need to keep up, you can wear your own black carbon, yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet for sophisticated security.

It’s time to stand up and serve your passion for fashion. With all of the options for this trend, you have absolutely no excuse to dodge.

-Mariana Leung
Founder/Editor of Ms. Fabulous
Non-runway photos by Mariana Leung and Ritika Wahal

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