Menswear-Inspired Tailoring: 3 Ways Jewelry Can Complement the Look

November 24, 2010 | Post by

A statement necklace adds a feminine touch to masculine tailoringThis fall season, menswear-inspired tailoring has been a huge trend. The juxtaposition of masculine lines and feminine fabrics has made for both edgy and elegant styles, but one may ask: what jewelry will best complement the look?

  • Subtle earrings. Before slipping into a perfectly tailored suit, women should first consider how they’re going to wear their hair. Pulling your strands back, away from the face, will highlight your bone structure and create a clean, polished look. Throw on a pair of sleek, understated earrings to cap off the look.
  • A statement necklace. A crisp white shirt is a cornerstone of the menswear-inspired look. It offers clean lines as well as the opportunity to showcase a great statement necklace. Just pop a few buttons to display your bling (a little glimmer will also ensure that your look remains menswear-inspired, rather than just … menswear).
  • Creative cufflinks. Ladies who like to take fashion to the next level can get creative when mixing masculine and feminine pieces. Borrow one of your guys French cuff shirts, and instead of using his cuff links, secure the sleeves with a brooch or pin. It’s an unexpected twist that draws a person’s eye to the wrist and showcases a unique piece of jewelry worn in an unconventional way.
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