Citrine – 5 Facts About November’s Birthstone

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Everywhere you look in the month of November you are likely to be surrounded by colorful leafs falling to the ground. The yellow, orange and reds covering the ground give me a warm feeling. November’s birthstone Citrine does a marvelous job at capturing that warm Fall feeling. Here’s a few things you might not have known about November’s birthstone.

Yellow Quartz: Citrine is a yellow Quartz ranging in color from a pale-yellow to brown. Lovers of canary diamonds might find a new love in Citrine since they are similar in color.

Optimism: If you’re feeling down or uninspired apparently you should put on some Citrine. It is believed this gemstone promotes creativity, helps with your personal clarity and also eliminate self-destructive tendencies. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m in need of a little motivation.

Protection: In ancient times, Citrine was worn to protect against the plague, snake venom and evil thoughts. Yikes! Glad those are the least of our problems these days. ; )

Lucky 13: If you’re looking for an anniversary gift after thirteen years of marriage, Citrine is the official gemstone for this celebration. I’m sure all the wives out there would not complain by receiving any jewelry after so many years of marriage.

Alternative Birthstone: Yellow or Gold Topaz is also November’s birthstone. Citrine is often confused with this stone but don’t be fooled, the Topaz alternative is much more expensive than Citrine. This is why Citrine is more commonly known as November’s primary birthstone. Topaz comes in a variety of colors however yellow is reserved for November and Blue Topaz is December’s birthstone.

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