Chandelier earrings are perfect for a night out

January 29, 2010 | Post by

Chandelier earrings dress up a look. If you have a fancy fete in your future, chandelier earrings are the perfect way to kick your usual look up a notch.

The pretty baubles traditionally feature a few sparkling gems that dangle down and catch the candle light, though designers have been offering their own take on the look for centuries.

InStyle magazine recently featured a pair of Garnzelle’s chandelier earrings called Plumes de Lumiere, which look a bit like gold candelabras. In a good way.

No matter what style of chandelier earrings your choose – be they full of cascading diamonds or chunky turquoise stones, the jaunty jewelry pieces will add interest to any outfit.

We especially like them at a fancy dinner party, they’ll catch the light as you talk and gesture and add a posh element to your entire ensemble.

Of course, celebs love this style of earrings on the red carpet, so keep your eyes on the ears of the stars on Oscar night so that you can gain inspiration from their decadent jewels.

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