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Although women are probably the most enthusiastic about jewelry we can’t forget that men like shiny new accessories too. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life to give them a more polished look.

1. Diamonds: Yes, they are a girl’s best friend but that doesn’t mean guys can’t rock them too. Black diamonds are the perfect way to introduce diamonds to your favorite guy. This black diamond ring is sleek and comfortable to wear daily with casual or dressy attire.

2. Wrist Action: Metal paired with black are the perfect masculine look. Two of my favorite men’s bracelets are a stainless steel bracelet with grooved tungsten and black carbon fiber. Very cool bracelet that your man would love to wear. I also love the casual look of this Italian stainless steel and leather bracelet.

3. Titanium: Sounds manly doesn’t it? Titanium rings are very much desired by men. Their¬†indestructible¬†qualities are one of the main reasons men like it so much. It is actually a tougher metal than gold and silver for a MUCH lower cost. It’ll last for a lifetime. Check out these rings that are perfect for or just a stylish men’s everyday ring.

4. Designer Watches: Men love and enjoy up to 76% off select styles.

5. Cuff Links: Men’s suit options are pretty limited. You can change the color & fit but at the end of the day men tend to all look alike at a black tie event. Because of this they usually get excited about accessories to stand out from the crowd. A classy way to spruce up your look is adding cufflinks. They come in fun designs and they always appreciate receiving them as a gift.

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