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Silver Jewelry
Myth Busted: Cleaning Silver with Toothpaste
Many unfortunate silver jewelry owners stumble on the “ol toothpaste method” when looking to find cheap/easy ways to clean their silver jewelry. Sadly, what’s very unclear is ...
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The List Jennifer Lopez - American Music Awards 2011
Top 3 Style Winners at American Music Awards
Last night’s 2011 American Music Awards was full of entertaining performances and stylish looks from the talented guests. Some of my favorite looks of the night were: 1. ...
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New Ice Lois Hill Bracelet
Lois Hill Jewelry Collection
So excited to share the launch of one of our new designer collections – Lois Hill. If you appreciate the workmanship of fine jewelry you will adore Lois Hill’...
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Pack Jewelry For A Winter Weekend Getaway
When packing for a winter weekend getaway, women devote most of their suitcase space to ski gear and outerwear. But while you’ll likely spend the majority of your ...
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The List
Caring For Your Jewelry: 3 Essential Products
Keeping a few simple items on hand will make cleaning your favorite jewelry easy as pie. 1. A silver cleaning cloth will keep your silver sparkling and clean. Over time ...
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