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Ice HQ Kate Middleton - FI
Fashionable Halloween Costumes
So here’s the dilemma. Ice is having a Halloween party on Monday and I don’t have a costume! I need your help coming up with ideas. ...
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Sparkle Like the Stars Elizabeth Hurley Engagement
Elizabeth Hurley’s Sapphire Engagement Ring
We’re all familiar with the most famous sapphire engagement ring now owned to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. But actress Elizabeth Hurley is giving Kate a run ...
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New Ice Pink and White Sapphire Heart Ring
September’s Sapphires Resembling Taffeta
Happy September everyone! Could you believe this month is already here? Most people hate the dreaded back to school month but it’s my birthday this month so I ...
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New Ice
Get the Look: Kate Middleton Summer Blues
Do you feel the warm weather finally starting to come around? It’s about time! We’re tired of wearing turtlenecks and boots to the office. It’...
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In the community
Break the Tradition of an All White Wedding
Traditionally, when we think of weddings we normally picture an all-white affair. White dress, white flowers, white diamonds….here’s where we’d like to see a ...
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