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New Ice Stackable Rings
Put a Pinky Ring on It
Rings have always been one of our favorite jewelry categories. From engagement rings to cocktail rings to dainty right hand rings, we love them all! But I do want to ...
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New Ice Tsavorite Ring
New Stackable Rings
For jewelry lovers, it’s rare that one is enough. How often do you wear just one piece of jewelry at a time? Yes, there’s always a ...
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Unexpected Valentine’s Day Jewelry That Will Be a Hit
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and some people may still be searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to give. Instead of purchasing predictable heart-shaped bling, ...
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The List
Get Bitten By Snake-Inspired Jewelry
When it comes to animalistic jewelry, few style are as alluring as snake-inspired pieces. But when rocking serpent-shaped pieces, there are three things to keep in mind for a truly ...
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Ice HQ
Give a Promise Ring on Valentine’s Day
With Valentine’s Day a month away, now is the time to show how much you care for your sweetheart with a promise ring. This piece of jewelry is ...
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