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New Ice Pink Gold Engagement Ring
Pink Gold Gets Engaged
Isn’t it refreshing when a new trend comes along that stirs things up. Today, I want to talk about engagement rings and wedding bands. For the longest time ...
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The List Black-Diamond-Belt-Ring
Top 5 Most Pinned Jewelry on Pinterest
It’s been a few months since our Pinterest obsession began and we haven’t slowed down on the pinning yet. We’re still addicted to this ...
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The List Diamond Rose Gold Ring
5 Tips for Wearing Rose Gold this Fall
One of the hottest jewelry trends right now is Rose Gold, also known as Pink Gold. It’s been around for centuries but it’s making a big ...
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In the community 6 Carat Multi-Gemstone Flower Ring
Facebook RoundUp
We adore our Facebook fans, they are always fun to engage with. We took a look at this part week’s most popular posts and wanted to share with ...
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