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Fun Facts About Pearls
5 Fun Facts About Pearls and Power
Arguably on par with the diamond, pearls are the most enduring and timeless gemstone you can own. Throughout various mythologies, pearls are nearly always symbolic of wisdom, women, water and ...
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New Ice PPY_308973_b_l-Freshwater_Button_Pearl_Pendant_w_Chain_Sterling_Silver_Gold_Plated
Pearls Turned Into a Work of Art
Isn’t it amazing when designers take something so classic and turn it into a work of art? The latest arrivals at Ice do just that. Taking beautiful yet ...
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The List Morganite Ring
Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her
Guys are known for procrastinating, especially when it comes to buying gifts. So we’re here to make it easier for you and tell you what the most wished ...
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The List
The Basics of Pearls: Wearing and Caring
While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, pearls aren’t far behind – they are elegant, refined and timeless enough to instantly elevate any look. However, ...
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Coco Chanel: Style Icon
Retro fashions are more popular than ever, but if you’re going to attempt a classic look, take the advice of Coco Chanel, the epitome of elegance. While Coco ...
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