The Duchess in the Princess’ Jewelry

As we know Prince William (now the Duke of Cambridge) gave his then girlfriend Kate Middleton his late mother’s Sapphire engagement ring. He didn’t stop there, he recently gave his new wife Princess Diana’s Sapphire and Diamond earrings. She’s been seen on their tour of Canada and the US sporting them a few times.

These earrings were a favorite of Diana and she was often photographed wearing them over the years. They were originally made as studs but Kate added her own touch to them by turning them into drop earrings. They match nicely with Kate’s engagement ring.

We have very similar earrings to these at that resemble both the original Sapphire & diamond studs and Kate’s updated drop earrings version.

What do you think of remodeling jewelry that was a family heirloom? Would you keep it as is or alter it to fit your personal style?

Get the Look: Kate Middleton Summer Blues

Do you feel the warm weather finally starting to come around? It’s about time! We’re tired of wearing turtlenecks and boots to the office. It’s time to retire our winter wardrobe and make room for dresses and sandals.

With all the buzz surrounding the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton’s fashion sense – we couldn’t help but highlight one of the MANY Polyvore sets created featuring one of our hottest products, the Sapphire & Diamond ring. This ring has a close resemblance to the engagement ring Prince William gave to his now-bride.

I really love how the creator of this set paired the dark hued Sapphire ring with light shades of blue & purple in the floral dress and shoes. It warms the tone of the whole outfit, making it perfect for summer. Pairing a cute summer dress like this with a beige blazer makes it ideal to wear to the office. Can’t wait to try a similar look to work. Would you wear something like this to work?

3 Royal Emerald Jewelry Favorites

Someone who’s jewelry collection will quickly expand is the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Now that she has become royalty she will most likely get her hands on some breath-taking jewelry. Since it’s the beginning of May we want to highlight some of the Royal’s Emerald jewelry. Here are three of my favorite Emerald pieces that double up for multiple looks. Continue reading

Congrats to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

There you have it, the day has come, Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are now married! What a thrilling piece of history we just experienced. Didn’t the couple look wonderful and HAPPY? Was so excited for them.

Now first off, the dress, WOW! Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in the Sarah Burton gown from the House of Alexander McQueen. It featured lace applique on the bodice and skirt that was said to be hand made by the royal school of needlework. Definitely my favorite wedding dress of all the Royal Weddings in the past. Kate chose McQueen because she wanted the dress to be both traditional and modern. For those interested, knockoffs of the dress are already being made. ;)

According to The Telegraph, Kate’s “something borrowed” was of course the Cartier “halo” tiara from the Queen made in 1936. Her “something new” were her exquisite diamond earrings – a gift from her parents paired perfectly to match her tiara and dress. They were diamond oak leaves with a pear-shaped diamond drop and a pave set diamond acorn suspended in the centre. They were inspired by the Middleton family’s new coat of arms, which includes acorns and oak leaves. For her ”something blue”, a blue ribbon was sewn into the interior of her dress, while her ”something old” was the traditional Carrickmacross craftsmanship used to create the bridal gown.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the hats! I’ve never seen so many fabulous and outrageous hats at one time. I need to mention the most unusual of the day goes to Princess Beatrice. Her hat already has it’s own @BeatricesHat Twitter account. Amazing!

What did you think of Kate’s dress and jewelry? I hope you all agree that she looked stunning, as did Prince William of course.

We wish the Royal couple all the best and looking forward to see their future together.

P.S Ladies, Prince Harry is still available!

Kate Middleton’s Princess-Perfect Style

The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is this Friday and this internet is abuzz with excitement. Ellen Degeneres has started doing (hilarious) regular segments in preparation and fashionistas from all across the blog-osphere are making their criticisms, adorations and predictions.

Anyone in this bright of a spotlight is bound to set a few fashion trends on both sides of the pond. I know that it’s the biggest Royal wedding since Princess Di, and that the comparisons are inevitable, but I think Kate is cultivating a style all her own. Where Kate goes for more classic looks, Di seemed to be a little trendier. As one of the most photographed women in the world, it must be nice to not have to look back 10 years from now and wonder WHAT you were thinking.

When dressed down (as much as princesses dress down) she’s usually caught in a pair of opaque tights, thigh-length skirt and cardigan. Preppy-chic. Sort like she just stepped off the set of Gossip Girl: Royal Edition.

She also likes trenches and dresses with buttons and belts, and outfits that show off her body shape while simultaneously not revealing too much skin. This is probably also a good long term strategy, because looking lady-like never goes out of style.

The one place that she takes some fun risks is with her hats, which can be feathery, floppy or altogether fun. Accessories are the perfect place to add some flair, because, unlike you’re dress, if they don’t work by the time you get to the party you can just take them off.

While she often dresses in really color-coordinated outfits, in the recent picture you see here she’s done something interesting: paired a navy blue dress with a pair of earrings in contrasting yellow citrine. Although the earrings are really dainty and small, its the great color contrast that makes them stand out and get noticed and adds a little more dynamism to the outfit.

Once married, it’ll be interesting to see how her style continues to evolve and what effect it’ll have on trends in the coming years. What do you think of Kate’s fashion sense?

Photos by PR Photos

6 Rumors About the Royal Wedding

Get your PVRs ready or set your alarm to wake up to catch the live coverage of the much anticipated Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess-to-be Kate Middleton. Many of you are excited to see how the day unravels (some of you couldn’t care less I know). I myself am of course curious what the bride will wear. Will the wedding be like Prince Charles and Diana’s glorious nuptials?  Who will attend?

Here are some of the insider rumors we’ve recently learned about the Royal Wedding.

1. The Bride will do her own makeup! You read that right, the gutsy soon-to-be Princess wasn’t a fan of how the make-up artist made up her face for the official engagement photo shoot so she washed her face and did it herself. I admire her independence but come on Kate, it’s your wedding day, millions of people are watching, please don’t apply eye liner with shaky hands.

2. A-list celeb guests include Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John and singer Joss Stone. What I want to know is, how do you become friends with royalty? What makes you close enough to be one of the lucky 1900 people to be invited?

3. Only VIP get to go to the exclusive dinner. Out of the 1900 guests invited to the ceremony, only 600 are invited to the reception and then only 300 to the ultra-private dinner hosted by Prince Charles. What a ripoff! Most people skip out on the ceremony to rest their dancing shoes for the party. I wonder what they’ll serve for dinner?

4. Keeping with tradition. During the ceremony, royals will be seated on the right and commoners on the left. Women in Westminster Abbey will show their respect by wearing hats (which we know will be extravagant to say the least). As the late Princess Diana did, Kate will not say she will “obey” William in her wedding vows. Although it was quite controversial when Diana did the same thing in 1981, we all think it’s pretty great that Kate switched the vows to “love, comfort, honor and keep” William.

5. Two wedding cakes. One wedding cake is simply not enough for royalty so they ordered two. First cake will be a multi-tiered fruit-cake. Yup, a fruit cake. That’s probably the last flavor any of us ‘commoners’ would think about having on our wedding day but that’s because most of us associate it with that gross candied fruit cake that comes around Christmas time. I assure you the one I saw being made on a morning show this morning as an example of the royal cake looked delicious and was made with actual fruit. The other cake is ‘biscuit cake’ that William requested as his favorite cake. The royals have a special recipe that they are not sharing with us but I’m on the lookout for it.

6. Watch live on YouTube. For the first time ever, you will be able to live stream the Royal wedding on YouTube ! Not only can you watch the live coverage on this royal YouTube channel but you can also see a map of the procession, upload a video of your own to leave the newlyweds a congratulatory message and also leave a charitable donation. In lieu of wedding gifts the couple ask if people would like to donate to the new charity fund they have set up.

What do you think of some of these rumors? Will you be tuning in to watch the ceremony?

Photos by PR Photos

Break the Tradition of an All White Wedding

Traditionally, when we think of weddings we normally picture an all-white affair. White dress, white flowers, white diamonds….here’s where we’d like to see a change. We love the idea of switching from the traditional jewelry such as white diamonds to colorful gemstones on your big day.

Our Facebook Fan of the Week did just that, Sandra Hicke-Bayne got married last year in Barbados. Instead of the traditional white diamonds to accessorize her gown she opted for her birthstone, Garnet. This deep red gem also seemed quite appropriate since she got married the day after Valentine’s Day. ;)

Sandra wore several Garnet pieces from on her wedding day including a Garnet bracelet & earrings, Garnet & Diamond necklace and a three heart Garnet ring! The rich red hue looks lovely against her white gown.

We’re predicting lots of vibrant jewels to hit wedding aisles in 2011. Princess bride-to-be Kate Middleton will likely enhance the trend at her April wedding to Prince William. She’ll be wearing Princess Diana’s famous Sapphire Engagement ring. We’re looking forward to seeing what exquisite jewels she pairs the ring with at the Royal Wedding.

Thank you Sandra for sharing your wedding day photos with us and including on your special day. We wish you and your husband a happy and healthy life together. Happy early-Anniversary!