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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You’ve probably noticed store aisles of stuffed animals, chocolates & flowers but we all know what women really want&#...
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New Ice Moissanite Pendant
Moissanite – Shines Bright Like a Diamond
Shine bright like a diamond…not sure if Rihanna was talking about Moissanite when she wrote that song but this stunning stone definitely shines just as bright as a ...
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5 Fashionable Funny Females
Who will be the winner’s of Best Lead & Supporting Actress in a Comedy at next week’s Emmy Awards? We don’t know but we ...
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New Ice Diamond heart pendant Gray mist
Gray Mist Collection
There’s something about a dark misty night that screams romance. Maybe it’s the old black & white movies that spark this feeling but I think Ice&#...
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How to clean your diamonds – the basics
Diamonds often stay with us throughout our lives. Just as we care for ourselves, our precious stones need to be maintained so they continue to look their best. Women who ...
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