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February 25, 2013 | Post by

It’s always exciting to see fashionistas remixing the same old stuff into something fabulous that gets everyone talking. You may have noticed at the Academy Awards this past weekend a trend of wearing your necklaces a little differently. Newly awarded Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence wore a long 74 carat diamond bead necklace…backwards. She draped the delicate long necklace down her back to give her look some extra elegance.

Fellow Oscar winner Anne Hathaway tackled this same look. However she got the best of both worlds by draping herself in a diamond necklace that wowed from the front and back. The front was a tight choker style diamond necklace and the back had a dangling train of floral designed diamonds. Her dress choice definitely didn’t let this beautiful necklace stand out enough both in the front and back but we love the idea of it. She described the necklace as ‘business in the front, party in the back’. Love that!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Anne Hathaway

A few things to keep in mind if you want to try out this look.

  • Wear a backless dress so more focus is on the necklace & nothing is interfering
  • If there is a pendant on the necklace, make sure it’s on the back so it weights down the necklace properly to keep it in place.
  • Put your hair up if you have long hair for this look to really shine.

What do you think about this necklace trend? Would you try it out?

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  1. Jenna Mills says:

    This is the type of trend that Jennifer Lawrence going to make hot. Very lovely look!

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