Maya Rudolph in Drusy Earrings

January 31, 2012 | Post by

At Sunday night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards the comedic relief was brought to us by Bridesmaid stars Maya Rudolph, Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. They came on stage to present their movie and explained the drinking game they made up involving ‘Scorcese’.

The movie Bridesmaids focuses around bride-to-be Maya Rudolph and we had our eyes on her on the red carpet. She is one of many stars catching onto the drusy jewelry trend recently. Last month I introduced you to new drusy jewelry available at Ice. The jewelry pieces are typically set in natural shapes with the surface of the stone covered with crystals.

Blue Drusy EarringsTo get a similar look to Maya’s earrings you definitely will get the same unique raw feel with these blue drusy earrings with sapphire and diamond accents.

What do you think of this jewelry trend?


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