Celebs Rock Colorful Engagement Rings

November 18, 2010 | Post by

Jessica Simpson is now rocking a ruby and diamond engagement ring.Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton both got engaged this week, and while you may think that the similarities between the two end there, the brides-to-be have one more thing in common – their colorful engagement rings!

Though men traditionally present their ladies with diamonds when asking for their hands in marriage, it appears as if Eric Johnson and Prince William (Jessica and Kate’s respective fiances) forwent the classic pieces for brightly hued gemstones instead.

Jessica is now flashing a ruby on her left ring-finger. While the red stone is flanked by diamonds, the bling is exceptionally different than the pear-shaped diamond she received from ex-husband Nick Lachey in 2002.

However, it seems that Kate’s ring, which features a blue sapphire surrounded by smaller white diamonds, is more than just a pretty piece – it’s the same ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana in 1981.

Men looking for unique engagement rings to give to their loved ones can gain inspiration from these colorful pieces. Ice.com offers less costly alternatives to Jessica and Kate’s bling, such as a yellow gold ring featuring a ruby and diamonds or a sapphire and diamond white gold ring.

What do you think of these non-traditional engagement rings?

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