Celeb Jewelry at New Years Eve Premiere

December 14, 2011 | Post by

One of the most anticipated movies of the season came out this past weekend – New Years Eve. Most movie critics may not be excited over the movie but plenty of us ladies have been lining up to see the super-star cast in action. We caught a glimpse of the star-studded ensemble at the LA premiere last week and they did not disappoint.

Here are some of our favorite looks of the night and we’ll show you how you could get the jewelry look for less.

Hilary Swank’s Golden Earrings

The lovely Hilary Swank shined in golden diamond chandelier earrings that contrasted beautifully with her royal blue dress. Ice has a similar look with these Cognac Quartz chandelier earrings for only $95.

Hilary Swank


Sofia Vergara’s Dramatic Earrings

The Latina actress was a scene stealer in the movie New Years Eve and she definitely stole some attention on the red carpet. Her sexy black dress was accessorized with gorgeous long diamond earrings. You could get this look for much less with these chandelier earrings at Ice featuring real diamonds for only $195. She also spiced up the ensemble with a snake bracelet which gave her look some edge.

Sofia Vergara

Lea Michele’s Sparkly Bracelet

Although Lea Michele plays a young high school student on Glee she looked like a woman on the red carpet of her latest movie. This songstress dazzled in a low cut gown and sparkled with a beautiful diamond bracelet that closely resembled this diamond & onyx cuff bracelets.

Lea Michele


P.S I saw the movie last night, despite all the negative reviews I totally enjoyed it. Not the most sophisticated movie, but it’s not supposed to be. I give it three sparkly diamonds! ; ) Tell us what you thought of the movie.

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