Adele Sparks Engagement Rumors at Grammy’s

February 13, 2012 | Post by

We were all routing for her to win big at last night’s Grammy Awards and Adele did not disappoint. Her performance was incredible and the standing ovation she received (including from me in my living room) proved how much she is loved. Now the question is what special someone loves her so much that she was sporting a diamond ring on her engagement finger?

I couldn’t help but notice the huge rock on her left hand while she was performing “Rolling In The Deep” at the Grammy’s. Is it or isn’t it an engagement ring? It certainly looks like one but I’m thinking it isn’t. She just started dating her new beau and this ring is rumored to be a 12.4 carat diamond ring. That’s a tad pricey for a new relationship.

Are you superstitious of wearing a ring on your engagement finger before you get engaged? Of course, many people think this is bad luck and you may never get married if you do this. I obviously don’t believe this, however I still refrained from putting anything on that finger before I got engaged. Kelly Clarkson also had a ring on the same finger that is causing a stir of questions.

So tell me what you think, would you wear a ring on your engagement finger before he pops the question?


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