5 Tips on How to Wear Bangles

My favorite Summer accessories are bangles! These stackable bracelets come in endless designs, colors and materials which makes wearing them fun and helps complete your Summer look. The warm weather calls for short sleeves, tanks or tube tops therefore leaving your arms bare to be draped in bangles.

I often hear people who love the look of stacking bangles but they don’t know how to achieve the look themselves. There are no real rules to this style but here’s a few helpful tips on how we recommend to wear your bangles:

1. Only stack on one arm and leave the other bare or be bold and wear a chunky ring on the opposite hand. Stay away from bold earrings & necklaces with this look. Keep all your other jewelry simple & minimal.

2. Wear one eye catching bangle as the central point. If you don’t have a statement bangle add a watch as the focal point and have other bangles surrounding it.

3. Wear 4 to 6 bangles at a time for an everyday look. Add a few more for a more dramatic look . You should adjust the number depending on the size of bangles and your wrist. A full arm of bracelets gets uncomfortable so as tempting as it is don’t overdo it.

4. Stick with complimentary colors. You can either chose to stick to one color using different shades of it if you’d like or you can use colorful shades that compliment each other like coral and turquoise. When mixing different colors, it’s always good to throw in some silver and other neutral tones to balance out the colors.

5. Use different textures; mixing metals with leather, threaded cord or beaded bracelets. Stacking bangles does not mean you can only use traditional metal-based bracelets. Play around with beads like Shamballa bracelets or a leather strap to get a street-style look.


Bangle Bracelets
One of the ways I wear my Arm Candy ;)

Most importantly, have fun with dressing up your arm with bangles!

What’s your favorite way to stay your bracelets?

The Sofia B Collection

Sofia B is a dramatic new collection of gold plated rings and earrings available in colorful gemstones at Ice. It’s so hard to choose a favorite from this collection but I have to say, the smokey quartz pieces are to die for. The pink and brown color combo sets a warm tone to any outfit whether in Summer or the cooler months. The collection also features Citrine, Amethyst and Aqua Chalcedony pieces  if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant. Stay tuned for bracelets and pendants to be added to the Sofia B mix soon.

The design for these items is a bold gemstone gently held by interlocking chains.  I love the look of chain-link jewelry and this is a subtle way to get the look. I had the chance to try on many of the pieces in the collection and they are gorgeous! The stones have an incredible sparkle. Below is an Instagram pic I snapped of the stunning Amethyst ring in rose gold. The stone is large and sits up high so it’s very comfortable. You’ll love these pieces!

Sofia B Jewelry Collection
Amethyst Ring in Rose Gold from the Sofia B Collection


Explore the Sofia B Collection now!


Lively’s Turquoise Jewelry

Blake Lively is always stunning on the red carpet and at the New York City premiere of her new movie ‘Savages’ was no exception. Looking gorgeous and ready for Summer wearing a floor length yellow chiffon Gucci dress along with two of Summer’s hottest jewelry looks: turquoise jewelry and stacked bangles.

Turquoise jewelry is the perfect Summer accessory! It doesn’t matter what year it is or what’s the latest trend, I recommend to wear turquoise every Summer. It looks fantastic with tanned skin and is always in style. It goes with just about everything from your basic black, browns and greys to your crisp whites and can be worn with coral tones. You can also do as Blake did and pair it with golden hues.  It can be worn out for a night out on the town or for a casual day shopping.

Do you wear turquoise jewelry in the Summer?

Blake Lively "Savages" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

The Bib Necklace – Funny Name, Serious Impact

I know the name of this jewelry trend sounds funny but I assure you everyone will take you seriously as an on-trend fashionista when you sport this look.

Are you wondering what a bib necklace is?

Also known as a collar necklace, bib necklaces have been around for a couple of years but has really taken off in 2012. These necklaces are usually made up of large gemstones and metals that take up most of your collar and chest..resembling a baby’s bib.

The peacock black pearl necklace (pictured right) is a great example of the bib necklace. Different variations of this look are available at Ice such as these multi-strand necklaces and this longer version of a bib with multi-layered black spinel.

This necklace style is the focus around an outfit. You can wear it with the plainest outfit such as jeans and a tee and it will transform your outfit immediately. It’s also a great way to disguise that little black dress you always turn to, to give it a whole new look. Bib necklaces look best with halter tops but play around with different looks to see how you can incorporate it with your wardrobe.

Would you wear a bib necklace?

5 Tips on How to Wear Neon

Like all great (and not-so-great) trends, they keep coming back in style. I’m happy to say neon is back!!! For the first time, this trend has extended past the teeny-bopper crowd and has been incorporated into high fashion. So if you’re over the age of twenty and want to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the 80’s, here’s some tips on how to wear neon.

1. Use the minimalist approach: When it comes to neon colors, the trick is to stay with a very simple look. Wear clean cut clothing without too much detail.

2. Contrast with Black. The chicest way to wear neon is to pair it with pitch black to really let the colors pop. This creates a dramatic contrast perfect for a night out in the Summer.

3. Keep it casual in neutrals. For a more casual look, pair neon such as yellow or green with whites, nudes and other neutral colors to tone down the impact of the vibrant color.

4. Accessorize in neon. If you’re not quite ready for neon to be draped on your body start off with neons in just your accessories such as your jewelry, shoes or purses. Designer Vita Fede has fabulous neon bracelets that are favorites of stars such as Jessica Alba and Halle Berry. These leather bracelets can be worn with both casual and dressier outfits.

5. Color Block. For the brave ladies who are ready to stand out in a crowd, try to color block with neon. Pair neon with other ultra-bright colors. For example you can sport a neon yellow top with bright blue skirt and hot pink belt. Here are my color-blocking tips.

Here’s an example of how we’re wearing neon this Summer. Would you wear this outfit?

How to Wear Neon



Ice diamond earrings
$2,795 – ice.com


Beaded jewelry
$65 – ice.com


New Designer Jewelry: Vita Fede

There’s nothing like strolling the streets of Italy on a warm day, grabbing a gelato at a little cafe and people-watch all the gorgeous and stylish Italians going about their day. That’s how I feel when I see the luxurious jewelry collection by Vita Fede.

The Vita Fede Collection is all made in Italy…Florence to be exact. (One of my favorite cities in the world!) Many of the pieces are sleek in yellow gold, rose gold and silver pieces that make a bold statement. These pieces are often seen on the TV show Gossip Girl. Although each of the Vita Fede pieces is bold enough to make an outfit on it’s own, it is designed to be mixed, matched and layered to suit each person’s individual style.

They also carry these must-have leather cuff bracelets. They come in a variety of colors featuring five layers of leather and a chain link that look awesome with jeans and a tee. Love these! I’m not the only one gushing over Vita Fede jewelry, celebs such as Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway have all been seen in these bracelets. Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson and Fergie are also fans of the designer.

Jessica Alba seen in Vita Fede Leather Bracelet

The modern blend of leather and metals in the Vita Fede Collection makes for the perfect urban chic look. Designer Cynthia Sakai uses American, European and Asian influence in her designs. The jewelry is classic and sophisticated but with a modern rock twist that we love!

The ideal woman who is both a classic beauty but with a rocker chicness to her is Angelina Jolie. She looked hot on the cover of Marie Claire magazing wearing the ultra-cool Futturo ring from Vita Fede. This ring comes in rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver.

Angelina Jolie sporting a Vita Fede ring



What are your favorite pieces from the collection?


Top 5 Prom Jewelry Looks

Prom season is here! Every young girl is scouring to find the most beautiful dress and jewelry to make the boys drool. The options can be overwhelming for a young girl so to save some time I’ll fill you in on my top 5 jewelry picks for prom this year.

1. Drop earrings: A popular hair style for teen girls at prom is to have up-do’s and drop earrings such as chandeliers are a must with this look. The way these earrings sway while you dance the night away will make any girl feel glamorous on this special night.

2. Pearls: Always a classic choice. I find young girls love wearing pearls because it makes them feel older. For a more modern take on pearls, wear long strands of pearls layered over your gown. I love the look of big pearl studs like these diamond & cultured pearl earrings.

Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Cuff Bracelet

3. Bracelets: There’s lots of bracelet choices available and your final selection should depend on your dress. With a simple gown you can dress it up with a sparkly cuff. If you have a short colorful dress I’d play on the youthful look with stacking a few bangles together. For more elaborately detailed gowns  a classy tennis bracelet would be best to not look too flashy.

4. Simple Necklace: Most of the jewelry I’ve mentioned so far are dramatic pieces that grab a lot of attention. Since you don’t want to over-do it I always suggest a very simple pendant necklace. If the rest of your jewelry is very minimalist then you can do a statement necklace.

5. Cocktail Ring: Girls love rings! The bigger the better for prom night. If you are wearing more understated bracelets or none at all I would definitely consider wearing a bold cocktail ring. Don’t forget to get a mani since everyone will have their eyes on your hands.

Tell us what your favorite prom looks are.



Celebrity Stylist Brigitte Segura Picks Her Faves

We’re all fashion lovers at Ice so we were stoked to hear Brigitte Segura would be our newest Guest Curator. This Fashion Stylist, Blogger, Brand Strategist and Designer is the go-to gal for all things fashion. I had the chance to chat with the fashionista about her Modern Chic jewelry selections with Ice.

Laura: What was the inspiration behind the pieces of jewelry in your Modern Chic Collection?

Brigitte: The Runway is always an inspiration, it’s where things begin. I start with NYC shows then London, Milan and of course, Paris. Modern chic is my personal style. Sophisticated silhouettes on the body that are wearable and comfortable,  accessorized with fabulous details such as belts, shoes & jewelry. Jewelry is the hot accessory du jour. Bold is in!

Cuff Bracelets - Selections by Brigitte Segura

L: There are lots of dark pieces in your collection, would you recommend these hues for the Spring/Summer months or should we reserve them for Fall/Winter instead?

B: Black is always in…even in the summer.  Any color can be worn with black and we all wear it! Color Blocking continues to trend, one of the easiest ways to color block is with black.  If done right, you can add a bold black necklace on a pink shift dress and go.  I’ve chosen several pieces that are grey, which is a wonderful accent for whites too in Spring/Summer and camels in Fall/Winter. Blue and purple are also must-have colors for Spring/Summer which you can include in your jewelry or where it in clothing and pair with these darker jewelry pieces.

L: Your collection is full of big & bold pieces. Is this a trend you noticed at New York Fashion Week?

B: Definitely! The standout trends on the runways all over the world are statement necklaces, big bracelets and bold rings. Designers like Marni, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel are just a few showing off bold pieces.

For 2012, it’s no longer about what bag you have, it’s all about shoes and jewelry.  With shoes being so expensive and can sometimes look too much, jewelry is the easiest way to refresh and complete a look.  Plus, you’ll wear them for many years.


L: What are your favorite pieces in your collection?

B: I love every piece in my collection. The necklaces are my top pick. Layering them together or over collared shirts is a fun way to wear them.

Stacking bangle bracelets such as the heart cable bracelets is great. Add an extra bangle or two in between for more drama. Big cuff bracelets are strong statement pieces. They work well with sleeveless dresses or tops.

Big rings an everyday must now! Don’t save them  just for nights out. Wear them everywhere but don’t over-do it with more than one bold ring at a time. If you must wear more mix it up with smaller rings. Add the skull ring with a white button down shirt and short and you’re now fashioned hip for summer!


About Brigitte Segura

Brigitte Segura is a NYC based Editor-In-Chief of FashionDailyMag.com and Brand Strategist for major fashion brands and celebs. She’s known for her chic style and ability to spot trends. We’re thrilled to have her share her fashion expertise through herModern Chic Collection.

“Bold accessories are in vogue. Jewelry is making a big scene. I chose nature-inspired, stacked & modern shapes as trendy statement pieces that you can have fun with.”

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Belargo Jewelry – Get the NYC Style

I just got back from New York City and fell in love with it all over again. This is why I absolutely adore the new Belargo Jewelry Collection which is inspired by the glitz and glam of NYC. The creative mind behind Belargo Jewelry is Freida Rothman who designed the collection to have a classic and sophisticated look for day, yet still lavish enough for night. The designs have a vintage yet modern twist to the pieces that have caught the eye of many stars.

I’ve confessed my love for the show Gossip Girl before and how much the show’s fashion rocks so I was thrilled to hear many of these Belargo pieces have been seen in the show. The characters played by Blake Lively, Kelly Rutherford and Elizabeth Hurley have all worn Belargo pieces. If the ladies of the Upper East Side approve then it’s a must-have!

Gossip Girl - Belargo Jewelry
Elizabeth Hurley in Belargo earrings on Gossip Girl

Explore the Belargo Jewelry Collection now

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?

Charles Albert Makes a Bold Statement

Charles Albert is one of the most creative jewelry designers I’ve seen. We’re not the only ones raving about his fabulous jewels, many celebs are gushing over his pieces too. Stars such as Kesha, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Joan Rivers and many more have all been seen wearing these baubles. Heidi Klum will be seen in the May 2012 issue of Allure Magazine sporting some of Charles Albert’s pieces. His jewelry frequently graces the pages of Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire and Elle Magazine to name a few.

If you’re looking for something simple then this is not for you. These pieces are BIG!! Ice carries an array of bright colored agate cuff bracelets, rings and pendants. I’m loving the blue and green pieces! All of these agate pieces will slightly vary in color, size and shape since they are all genuine stones, making them even more unique.

Some of the darker pieces feature fossils in the form of pendants, earrings and rings. How cool is that? One of the most dramatic pieces is this black obsidian arrowhead necklace. (pictured below) You can wear this with an evening dress or dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Black Obsidian Arrowhead Charles Albert Necklace

You definitely need to check our Charles Albert’s Collection here. Tell us what you think of the collection in the comments below.