Nikki Reed’s Unexpected Ring

Twilight star Nikki Reed shocked many American Idol fans when she announced she was dating one of this year’s contestants (and my personal favorite) Ryan McDonald. Now just a few months after dating, they’re engaged!

They look like a genuinely happy couple (as you can see all smiley at the MTV Movie Awards). The ring has been spotted and it’s not the look of a typical engagement ring but we love unconventional rings. The ring showcases five round cut diamonds similar to this ring.

Their first time meeting was actually caught on camera from the red carpet of a movie premiere so we definitely look forward to seeing more of the couple. We really wish them all the best.

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Molly Sims Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

It’s old news (almost a month ago which is like a decade in Hollywood time) that model/actress Molly Sims is engaged to movie producer Scott Stuber. What we’re excited about is that she was finally seen in public showing off her engagement ring at the Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.

The rock that was designed by her fiance himself….with the help of her friend who works at Diane von Furstenberg. Stuber proposed to his supermodel in her new walk-in closet of their new home! Remind you of Sex in the City? Although Mr.Big put a shoe on Carrie’s foot after he proposed, Stuber put a stunning cushion-cut diamond on Sim’s finger. No details yet on how many carats it is, she didn’t ask!

Congrats to the happy couple! What do you think of Molly’s ring?

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Hoot Hoot! Owl Jewelry at Ice

As we mentioned in a previous post Animal Instincts, Animal inspired jewelry is really hot right now. One of the most popular animals to be adorned on jewelry is the owl! I’m sure you’ve seen owls all over fashion blogs and stores across town.

We’ve glammed up the owl look with diamonds! We have 2 versions of this cute look available in pendant:

1 7/8 Carats Onyx & Black Diamond Sterling Silver Owl at $55
1 1/3 Carat Onyx & Diamond Sterling Silver Owl at $95

What do you think of the owl trend? Love it or hate it?

Top Five Fashionable Fathers

Dad’s often get a bad rap as being unfashionable. While I think this is becoming less and less true all the time, In honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to point out five fashionable fathers from the Hollywood ranks to show that dad-dom doesn’t have to mean loafers and tucked in T-Shirts.

5. Patrick Dempsy. Father to Tallulah Fyfe, Sullivan and Darby. Perhaps best known as “McDreamy”, Patrick Dempsy has been breaking hearts for decades. Patrick likes to stick to the basics – black suit, white shirt, black tie, or a grey v-neck sweater pulled over a striped button down shirt. He keeps his look timeless and classic, with his favorite style essential: that heartbreaking smile.

4. David Beckham. Father to Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, with a fourth on the way sometime this summer with wife Victoria. It’s telling that the term “metrosexual” was originally used to describe this pretty-boy soccer player.  Beckham takes basics and wears them out of context, never afraid to break style rules (like a plaid shirt worn with a cardigan and tie). Still, some more accessible staples are long wool scarfs, a classy watch and a man-purse.

3. Brad Pitt. Father to 6 children, which could go up by the time this is published. Brad’s look is never overdone, he’s practically the epitome of laid back cool. He might be seen wearing a vintage-looking jacket with the top button undone on his shirt or faded jeans with a well-worn t-shirt and a nice scarf. He also likes to rock out thick necklaces that peek out from his v-necks.

2. Will Smith. Father to Trey, Jaden and Willow. This dapper dad always looks drop-dead gorgeous. He’s mastered the elegant-yet-relaxed look with slick blazers over more casual tops. He also never shys away from wearing unexpected colors and patterns like pastels and suits with shine. Speaking about shine, you can almost always catch him wearing sparkly diamond studs in both ears.

1. Johnny Depp. Father to Lily Rose and Jack. Now this one one dirty, hot, sexy daddy. His style follows few rules other than “have attitude”. As GQ noted, he is an “icon of eccentric cool”. He’s often seen in lots of layers of grungy-chic fabulousness, but its his use of accessories that really makes the outfits: fedoras, bandanas, silver necklaces or dog tags, quirky sunglasses and the like.

What makes your dad (or husband) a fashionable father? If you’re looking for some Father’s Day gift ideas shop our men’s jewelry section.

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Reese Witherspoon Wins MTV’s Generation Award

If you watched the MTV awards last weekend, you were probably pleased as punch at how fabulous almost everyone looked. Miniskirts and mini-dresses were everywhere; on Mila Kunis,  Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart.

Also in a hot mini-dress was the illustrious Reese Witherspoon, who was the recepient of the MTV Generation Award. At 35, Reese is the youngest recipient of the award, and joins the ranks of Sandra Bullock, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Adam Sandler.

While accepting the award, Reese sent a message to all the young starlets out there telling them to class up, and if they can’t, at least hide their faces when taking nuddie pics.

It’s not unwarranted advice, especially in these days.

In addition to sage wisdom, Reese also has a great sense of style. She’s always classy but in a way that remains playful at the same time. Her dress at the awards was a sleeveless, leopard print Jacquard Bustier Zac Posen minidress that she looked fabulous in. I also loved her jewelry, especially that bangle bracelet which you can just see in the photo above.

Style Tip: When donning sleeveless tops and dresses, bracelets are a must. They break up the long arms nicely and create a nice visual element. Plus they’re super classy, just like Reese would have it.

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Mix & Match Bangles Like Blake

The MTV Movie Awards were held Sunday night and there were many stars to gush over on the red carpet. Always a stand out was Gossip Girl star Blake Lively in a cobalt blue Michael Kors dress and purple suede pumps. What made our eyes sparkle was the rainbow of bangles on her arm.

Bangles are so hot right now but some are still hesitant to be playful them and mix and match. Often times you see all gold sets or all silver and other same-tone sets but Blake proves that you can have fun with your bangles and wear an array of colors together.

She paired a variety of colored diamond bangles in yellow, pink, blue and silver. Seeing all the colors together definitely got me thinking I should start wearing my multi-color bangles together. Will you try this look?

Photo by PR Photo

5 Fun Facts About Pearls and Power

Arguably on par with the diamond, pearls are the most enduring and timeless gemstone you can own. Throughout various mythologies, pearls are nearly always symbolic of wisdom, women, water and the moon, but they’re a symbol of class, power and sophistication. With that in mind,  it’s no wonder they’re worn throughout history by female heads of state and celebrities alike. As June’s birthstone, I thought I’d share some fun facts about famous pearls, and their attachment to powerful women.

1. The oldest known pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 BC. It’s currently on display at the Louvre in Paris.

2. According to legends, Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love for Marc Antony (as far as we know, pearls do NOT actually dissolve in wine, but DO keep them away from vinegar).

3. According to Marco Polo, the kings of Malabar wore a necklace of 108 rubies and 108 precious pearls which was given from one generation of kings to the next

4. The famous La Peregrina pearl was smuggled out of Spain to Napoleon and later purchased at an auction by Richard Burton who gave it to Elizabeth Taylor as an anniversary present.

5. Not only is Margarita a sensational cocktail but the name Margarita actually means pearl.

Ok, fine, that last fun fact is not exactly politics and celebrity related, but I’m sure plenty of powerful women have enjoyed a good margarita. Margarita’s are also a perfect summer cocktail to kick off the month of June. So put on some pearls, order one from the tiki bar (hopefully with one of those cute little umbrellas) and tell your friends how impossibly meta you’re being.

Gwyneth Joins Twitter

Every Friday we like to highlight what’s going on in the social world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogosphere. The latest news that everyone’s excited about is Gwyneth Paltrow joined Twitter!

Her first tweet was a video of the actress welcoming herself to the 21st century by finally joining FB and Twitter. It’s about time but we’re happy she’s here. This switch to the social world is most likely an effort to promote her new blog GOOP where she talks about her favorite places to go, clothes to wear, food to eat and lots of other lifestyle tidbits.

She is definitely one of my favorites. Her chic fashion sense, glamorous jewels, love for food (she recently wrote a cookbook), enjoyable acting especially her comedic guest appearances in Glee are all part of why I love her. What are your favorite acting roles with Gwyneth Paltrow?

We’re looking forward to reading her tweets and don’t forget we’re on Twitter and Facebook too! Join us in the fun.

One Week Left – It’s Great To Be a Gal Sweeps

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in our It’s Great To Be A Gal Sweepstakes so far. For those who haven’t entered yet, you have one week left to enter! ONE WEEK LEFT! Don’t miss out on this sweepstakes!

You can win white, pink and blue diamond stud earrings from annnnddd other fabulous prizes from Benefit Cosmetics and Diamond jewelry, hair and beauty products – which girl wouldn’t want to win this?

Enter now! The sweepstakes ends June 9th.

January Jones is a Jewelry Loving Superhero in X-Men

Superheros are on the rise.

This summer we’ll see the premiere of X-Men: First Class which opens this Friday, with Green Lantern on it’s heels. Next summer is set to deliver not only Batman 3, but both a Spiderman and Superman reboot.

All of this is good news for the little tiny geek that still lives in all our hearts.

While Superhero flicks are often the place for manly men to do manly things, the female factor shouldn’t be glossed over, especially in a big ensemble like we’ll see in X-Men.

In this installment of X-Men, January Jones shakes off the shackles of her role as Betty Draper (aka the living embodiment of Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’ ) in HBO’s Mad Men and gets her groove on as the sexy Emma Frost. The list of other strong actresses who have lent their talents to X-Men includes Halle Berry as Storm, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey and Rebecca Romijn as Mystique.

January Jones is also tackling the additional superhero role of ‘Single Mom’ with a baby due in August. So far, she’s remains mysterious as to who the baby-daddy is, but admits, charmingly, that being preggers gives her the giggles.

But back in fantasy world, as the character of “The White Queen’ Emma Frost, January Jones has about the coolest super power a jewelry lover could ask for. Are you ready for this, people? In addition to being telepathic, she can shape-shift into a diamond. Yes, that’s right. She’s the classiest of all superheros with that one. The diamond form gives her superhuman strength and durability, but it also makes me wonder if she can just shape-shift a tiny bit, into, oh, I dunno, a diamond necklace or diamond earrings she could wear to a party or awards show? And, with her power of telepathy, she’d know exactly who she was impressing.

Ok, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. I’m sure there are worlds to save before we talk about awards shows. While I’m not sure how to feel about the hair January is sporting the picture here, I’m loving the black diamond studs she’s wearing. Black diamonds add a little more mystery to a classic, as I’m sure she’ll do in X-Men.