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November 8, 2011 | Post by

If ever you’re looking for a bold statement piece that’s different from the traditional silver and gold metal jewelry – I’ve got an idea for you. Wooden rings! Yup, you read correctly. Typically when you think of jewelry, wood doesn’t come to mind but two of our newest rings at Ice will make you a believer in trying out this alternative look.

The first wood ring I want to tell you about features green diopside, white crystals and a stunning ruby in the center of the ring. Each of the gems is held securely in place with shiny 14K yellow gold. This dark wood band (pictured right) is a large piece yet very comfortable to wear all day.

Another wood ring at Ice is an oval shape, flat top ring featuring Citrine stones and white crystals set in sterling silver. This ring has a much more contemporary feel to it. Oh and don’t be afraid of splinters, these wooden rings are very smooth.

What do you think of these wood rings – would you wear them?

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Wooden Ring

5 Responses

  1. Carolyn says:


  2. Debbie Clayton says:

    Very pretty! I would worry about it being thick.. Yes, I would wear one.

  3. n sanchez says:

    I love this ring so beautiful it would be a hit and a great fashion statement.

  4. IndiviJewels says:

    Great piece, Just shows you can still have fantastic jewellery using other materials.Love the colours that were used.

  5. beverly johnson says:

    I received this ring today and was more than pleased ..i love the size and the fact that it is so unique….def. recommend this ring

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