Summer Love Filled With Butterflies

May 24, 2011 | Post by

The touch of his hand for the first time. The look in his eyes. Your first kiss. All the ingredients to make you feel like you have a million butterflies fluttering around inside of you. The warm feelings you will cherish forever.

We all feel them sooner or later and often look for ways to remind ourselves of those feelings when they fade away. I know it’s cheesy but I can’t help but think of those first-time moments whenever I see butterflies. Whether they are the real beauties flying around or just when I see pictures of them. It’s such a nice reminder so I obviously thought this Polyvore set was so sweet filled with butterflies.

The set features our new pink rhodium butterfly earrings that I adore. So pretty and perfect for a first date this summer.

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  1. Blogger says:

    I really like these fine jewelry butterfly earrings! The butterflies strike a special chord inside of me XOXOXO

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