September’s Sapphires Resembling Taffeta

September 6, 2011 | Post by

Sapphire RingHappy September everyone! Could you believe this month is already here? Most people hate the dreaded back to school month but it’s my birthday this month so I love September. :) Being a Virgo my birthstone is Sapphire…and what a beautiful birthstone it is. Kate Middleton might have introduced a new generation of jewelry-wearers to the blue gemstone but it’s been one of the most popular stones for centuries. Ice took the classic Sapphire look to a new level with this new Taffeta Collection.

For many of you who have worn gowns made of taffeta you must be familiar with the shimmery fabric that looks like it is made up of different colors. Ice replicated that look with this line of blue and pink Sapphire pieces. Each blue and pink piece has different shades of each color along with white Sapphires.

Do you like Sapphires? You might not know but Sapphires actually come in many colors other than blue such as pink, green, yellow, black and many more. View all our Sapphire jewelry here.


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New Ice
Pink and White Sapphire Heart Ring

2 Responses

  1. Sheridan says:

    Those rings are lovely! I love the pink one. Actually I like them both. It’s really stunning. High-end Jadeite Experts digs this one.

  2. IndiviJewels says:

    They are both fantastic rings with lovely designs, Not sure I could pick a winner but if I am pushed I would go for the blue sapphire as I am a Virgo!

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