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Wearing jewelry is a way to show your personality to the world. Some jewelry is simply pretty and part of a fashion trend but some allow you to tell a story or share a memory. These are the jewelry pieces that you will cherish forever. I’m excited to introduce to you the Persona Charms Collection at Ice. These charm bracelets and necklaces allow you to express and create a unique piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you.

Design Your Own Persona

With just a few clicks you can create your own charm bracelet or necklace customized to how you want it. Just go over to and click “Design Your Own” in the Persona Charms Collection section. I had fun creating my first Persona bracelet. All you have to do is choose the chain you want and then pick your favorite charms and beads to bring life into the bracelet. There’s a wide array of crystal, glass, gemstone, gold and silver charms and beads to choose from.

Take a look at what I created.

Design Your Own Persona Charm Bracelet

Inspiration behind this charm bracelet: My favorite color is purple. I love anything that sparkles and I'm obsessed with music & shoes ; )

Starter Bracelets

Don’t feel like creating your own charm bracelet but still love the look of them? We got you covered with starter bracelets. We put together some of our most popular charms and beads in pre-designed bracelets for you. They come in different color palettes like pink,  gold, blue and green.


Pink Persona Charm Bracelet

An example of our Starter Persona bracelets

We’d love to see what your Persona bracelets or necklaces would look like. Design your own and post the pic on our Facebook wall. What charms would you include in your Persona jewelry that expresses you?

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Persona Charms Bracelet

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  1. Loretta says:

    Love the jewelery on this page

  2. Allison says:

    Gorgeous persona that you’ve created and love the inspiration behind it! :)

  3. VictorB says:

    Looking gorgeous! I’m not looking for really cheap or really expensive but I would like some really nice ones, even if I only buy a one or two each trip. I have Heart Shaped Twistie Tips Shoelace Charms, and i really love it.
    charms for shoes

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