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October 25, 2011 | Post by

For jewelry lovers, it’s rare that one is enough. How often do you wear just one piece of jewelry at a time? Yes, there’s always a bold statement piece that doesn’t need any supporting jewels but chances are you want to wear multiple pieces together.  I LOVE the layered jewelry look. Don’t you? Stacking rings, bracelets and layering necklaces is guaranteed to grab attention…not to mention it saves you the time of choosing only 1 or 2 pieces to wear. Your jewelry wants to get out of the box and play with the others so why not stack them up with these new stackable rings at

Our latest stackable rings come in blue, pink & yellow sapphire as well as Tsavorite (pictured right). Have you heart of Tsavorite? It’s a beautiful green gemstone in the garnet family. I love the shape of these rings. They are sold individually so you can get just the colors you like and mix and match which ones you wear together to get many different looks.

If these rings aren’t your style, Ice has a wide assortment of colorful and sparkly stackable rings to choose from. Which colorful rings would you stack together?


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New Ice
Tsavorite Ring

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  1. Joan says:

    That’s so cute that you say that “stacking saves you time” because my husband says that I take for ever and I told him that he should be thankful that I didn’t have to choose just one ring or necklace because that would take me longer!

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